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About Us

For over 100 years, Saint Agnes Catholic School has been providing quality, faith based education to families in Chicago Heights and the surrounding communities. We meet the constant challenge to provide for the changing needs of our students and families, both academically and spiritually. Our children learn and grow in a comprehensive educational program that nurtures spiritual growth, promotes social responsibility and fosters academic excellence. St. Agnes Catholic School has a rich history of educating generations of children from returning families, while cultivating an environment that welcomes new families to our parish and school.

Saint Agnes is a highly visible member of the Chicago Heights community offering vibrant liturgies and ministry to our families and surrounding communities. As Catholic educators, we meet the needs of our students in an educational environment that is innovative and relevant to student learning.

Saint Agnes preschool offers four-year-old children the opportunity to grow in a program that incorporates academics, social skills and enrichment activities through creative and age appropriate methods.

Saint Agnes provides a solid core curriculum for kindergarten - 8th grade boys and girls in the language arts, mathematics and sciences. Fine arts, foreign language. In addition, we offer a comprehensive, integrated technology program and instructional physical education classes that enhance our core curriculum. Our students are part of a warm caring school and parish community that helps them learn and grow as individuals with unique talents and abilities.

Our MissionBack to School Image

Saint Agnes Catholic School is an elementary program offering solid high school academic readiness for boys and girls in preschool through grade eight. Our students are prepared to meet challenges through a comprehensive education that fosters academic excellence, nurtures spiritual growth and promotes social responsibility within a diverse community. Grounded in the Catholic tradition instilled by the Sisters of St. Francis, St. Agnes faculty encourages each child to strive for personal enrichment while growing in knowledge and faith.

Our Philosophy

The educational experience at Saint Agnes Catholic School is guided by the following principles:

  • Saint Agnes fosters loyalty to the Church, family and community by strengthening the moral and spiritual values instilled at home.
  • Saint Agnes provides a challenging curriculum that incorporates innovative teaching strategies and evolving technology.
  • Saint Agnes promotes a Christ-like atmosphere where our students are guided through religious instruction and service to recognize each person as a unique child of God.

Volunteering / Child Safety

In order to volunteer at Saint Agnes or at Saint Agnes events, all volunteers need to complete the following four requirements, two of which are completed through Volunteers should create an online Virtus account before completing all other compliance requirements.

  1. All volunteers must go to, register for and attend a Virtus Class. 
  2. All volunteers must go to and complete an Online Criminal History Check.   Volunteer criminal history checks are created and run through Virtus.
  3. All volunteers should complete a CANTS form and submit it to the school office. 
  4. All volunteers should complete a Code of Conduct form and submit it to the office. 

Parents/Guardians will not be allowed to volunteer at Saint Agnes School events until all four Safety Compliance requirements are completed and paperwork submitted to the school office.

If you have any questions, please contact the school office immediately at (708) 756-2333. Thank you.

Religious Education >>

If your child does not attend a Catholic School, but you would like him/her to have a fuller knowledge of the faith we profess, we can help.  Our religious education program provides a great opportunity for school-aged kids to learn about our faith.

The program for Grades 1 thru 8 meets on Tuesdays, starting in September from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. Tuition is $100 per student. Please call Teri Klopp with any questions or to register at (708) 754-0713. We are also looking for dedicated Catechists and Aides to work the RE Program. Please call Teri for all info! 

Home and School Association

The Saint Agnes Home and School Association organizes activities and events for our students throughout the school year.


The first three bolded items are new this year

  • School shoes note: One pair of gym shoes is all that is required: all black, all white, or black and white only. No other colors allowed. This provides an economical, comfortable, and safe shoe requirement for your child.
  • School uniforms and gym uniforms can be worn interchangeably so as to keep uniforms clean.
  • Hair must not cover eyes. Natural, all one color. No dyes/streaks. No extreme cuts, excessive ornamentation , or razor cut lines allowed.
  • Earrings/Jewelry: Not allowed. If your child gets her ears pierced, the earrings must be out by Aug. 31.
  • Thank you for your cooperation! If you have questions, please call.

Here are the Dress Code details.

Keep up with School and Parish events by using the calendar on our News page.

You can also download a printable copy here.