Goodbye and Farewell, Father John!

What can we say in a few words?

Using your own words from graduations past, no matter where the next chapter takes you, remember you always have a home at Saint Agnes. In the spirit of those words, let's just say," See you later."

Thank you, Father John, for building a true sense of family amongst the folks in the parish. Whenever we traveled back from Cali we were home at St. Agnes thanks to you!  May the future hold only good things in store for you!
--Paulette (& John) Ciaccio

Thank you for all that you have done for our parish and our family. We wish you the best for the future!
--The Fagans

We are really going to miss you.  I honestly don't think anyone can fill your spot.  You are one of the most compassionate and loving pastors I know.  I will always hold a special place in my heart for you  (even though another 25 years would help).  God bless you on your new assignment.  Hope it will be as rewarding.  I promise to give Father Graf a chance.
--Rosanne and Joe Michelini

Father John, thank you for your hard work throughout these many years of leading our parish by example and making us all better as a faith community. You truly are and have been a good shepherd. May God bless you always.
--Lance Eggermann

Fr. John, We wanted to thank you for your spiritual leadership in our family's life.  You were there when Ann's mom, Lenore fell ill and passed away. You were there for Baptisms, Communions and Confirmations for our four children Michael, Lauren, Brendan and Jack. You were there every Sunday when we needed guidance.  You have made a lasting impression on them and us.  You have imprinted a strong faith and a sense of peace with your calm demeanor and reassuring words.  Our family is much stronger in our faith thanks to you. St. Agnes church and school are much stronger due to your stewardship. We will miss you but know that you will continue to spread your faith and love wherever you go.  Love, Dave and Ann Hurley
--Dave and Ann Hurley

Thank you Father John for all you have done for St. Agnes these past twenty-five years. We wish you well in your new position.  You sure will be be missed!  We will miss seeing you, listening to your homily's, watching your interactions with all the parishioners, and sharing God's spirit with us.  We hope you miss us too. Please keep us in your prayers.
--Dick and Joan Duncan

Thanks for the classroom visits.
During a visit from Father John
Student: Do you have a black light?
Priest: A black light?
Teacher: What do you mean?
Student: My Aunt says that priest have black lights and they can shine them and tell the bad people.
Priest: No, I don’t have one. (As teacher is trying not to laugh out loud)
--Deb Hummel

Thank you Father John for your example of what it means to truly Live in Faith.  We are all better people for having known you.

--Chris Greiner and Tina Zagone

Dear Father John, Jerry and I want to wish you the very best!! So sad you are leaving St Agnes, but grateful to have had you as long as we did. You are a blessing! Nice to have you in our wedding pictures!

--Love, Donna Coughlin / Jerry Pilachowski

Thank you Father John for all your years of devoted service to St. Agnes Parish,  We wish happiness in your new parish!
--Rich and Sharon Pries

Thank you for your spiritual leadership, positivity, wisdom and kindness shown to my family and to the community these many years. You will be missed!
--Carol & Ruben Melendez

"God blessed you with wisdom
To use to give form to his plans
And love to carry them out
Not for you
But always for others."
--Rose Crockett

Thank you Father John for this 25 years of service in our community,  church and school.  You will be missed.  We wish you the best.
--Familia Ortiz Mendoza

You will be missed, Fr John! And you made a difference at St Agnes, the surrounding parishes, and the Chicago Heights area communities. Prayers for a successful venture. From all the Kowynias, now spread through Florid, Kansas, and Texas
--Lisa Kowynia

Thank you Father John for officiating MY Marriage to Don Cull and officiating his Burial Mass , You will be remembered with good thoughts always
I will keep you in my Prayers Good Luck
--Louise Zerante-Cull

Father John,
I enjoyed coming back to St. Agnes with my daughter because of you. I love the way you tell your personal stories to reiterate the message of the day. We will miss you at Halloween when you were always part of the festivities. Thank you for making church relatable and fun. I wish you the best in your future endeavors.
--Jennifer Vega

Thank you Father John for all that you have done for our Parish. You will truly be missed!!
Best Wishes
--Dennis and Janet Wright

Thank you Father John,
for listening, for welcoming us, for your kind words, for your support, for your compasión, for your modesty, for us leading by example, for your touching homilies and for sharing your faith.
We are truly going to miss you and wish you the very best.
---Marisela Márquez and Arellano family

Thank you Fr. John for a lifetime of wonderful memories. God Bless you on your new assignment. Let’s keep in touch. Love, Crystal and family

--Crystal Cady

Father John, thanks for being our anchor for 25 years! Good luck moving forward, you will be missed. My dinner table is open for reservations!

--Mary Tieri and family

Father John, you will be missed immensely, but we thank you for all of the dedication you have provided to the residents of Chicago Heights. Our family cannot thank you enough. Thank you for your blessings on our family and we wish you all the happiness..xo

--Love, Ruby and Sean Mikels