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Live Stream / TransmisiĆ³n en vivo

It's fun and easy!  We need help at the Saturday Masses at St. Agnes and St. Kieran and the Sunday Spanish Mass at St. Agnes.  We will give you one-on-one training.

¡Es divertido y fácil! Necesitamos ayuda en las misas de los sábados en St. Agnes y St. Kieran y en la misa dominical en español en St. Agnes. Le daremos formación personalizada.

For St. Agnes, contact Dave  ([email protected]) or Margie ([email protected])

For St. Kieran, call Emily at 708-709-2696

Queen of Hearts -- Back on!

queen-of-hearts_orig.jpgWe’re resuming the Queen of Hearts Raffle at Chuck’s Tavern in Crete on Tuesday evenings at 7:00 P.M. beginning on February 7.

If you’d like to purchase Queen of Hearts tickets, you can go to Chuck’s at any time. Also, we’ll be reopening the Queen of Hearts drop off lane in the morning beginning this Monday, February 1.

Purchasing Queen of Hearts Tickets: We’ve revised the ticket purchase process. Indicate that you’d like Queen of Hearts tickets during morning drop off and Mrs. Hamilton will give you an envelope. The envelope will have 5 tickets along with a sheet that has valid numbers from which to choose. We will not collect money at that time. You will then pull out of the parking lot and complete the tickets at home with the following: neatly printed name, phone number, and valid number.  When you complete the tickets, put them back into the envelope along with the payment and return your sealed envelope the next day during the morning drop off. Please call if you have any questions.

Eat a Doughnut to Help the Parish!

Save your Dunkin Donuts receipts.  We get 3% back.Remember to save your Dunkin' Receipts from the two stores in Homewood and the Dunkin' on Route 30 (Mobile gas station) in Chicago Heights.  3% will come back to our school!  Just drop your reciepts in the collection basket or turn them in at the school office.

Sharing News

If you have news of an upcoming activity or of general interest to the parish, let us know!  We can share your news in the bullletin, on our website, Facebook and the digital sign at the entrance to the church.  Please reach out to us at [email protected].

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